Sooner or later we start noticing that our lock is not working the way it used to. It can be the sign that your lock needs to be replaced.  Besides, there might be some other issues, which may demand changing the lock. All the reasons may be divided into two categories:

  • Technical reasons;
  • Personal reasons;
  • Security reasons.

Let’s talk about each item in detail.

Technical reasons

Any lock is a mechanism, which has its period of usage and wear out. Hence, when the time comes, any lock must be replaced. Here are the main signs, which signal that the time has come:

  • It’s difficult to turn the key in the lock. Probably something has worn out and your lock is about to break.
  • The door handle turns stiffly. It may be the first bell before some more serious problems arise.
  • Rusty lock. If you see rust on visible parts of the mechanism, it means that the lock needs proper maintenance and replacement as the most.
  • The door doesn’t stay closed without locking it. It is not the reason to change the lock immediately, but you should know that it will soon break.
  • You have to use force to lock the door. In case you have to pull the doors towards you to lock them, you have to understand that it won’t last long. The lock will wear out very fast.

Personal reasons

Different life situations may be the reason to change the lock or at least make a rekeying.

  • You’ve got a new roommate or your rental agreement has expired. Any time you have a new person moving in, you have to update all the locks because you don’t know if the previous tenant has an extra copy of your house keys.
  • You’ve experienced a divorce or a breakup. Your ex-partner may have a key, so you’d better change or rekey your locks.

Safety reasons

Security is our everything and the lock is meant to protect our homes from intrusion. You definitely have to change the lock if:

  • Your house was broken into. It means that your lock hasn’t coped with its duties once, so it would be the same every next time. Besides, if the burglars got into the house through the window, they may have a copy of your keys.
  • You’ve moved into a new house. Nobody knows how many copies of the keys exist, so you’d better change all the locks within the shortest terms.
  • You’ve lost the key or it has been stolen. Such situation means that anyone may have an excess to your home especially if the keys were lost or stolen together with the ID.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t waste your time and change the locks as quickly as possible. Your safety is above all!